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weaning and the schedule

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weaning and the schedule

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I successfully used the cure with my daughter when she was one year old. She is now 4 and still a great sleeper.

I want to use it again for my 6 month old son but this time I am confused about weaning. When we cured my daughter she was no longer having milk feeds during the day. However, my son is younger so is still having milk. Should his milk feeds be in addition to his 4 solid meals a day and if so how do I maintain the appropriate time gap? Or should they be directly after a feed or instead of a feed. Should they even be scheduled in or just given on demand. I am not quite sure how interaction between milk and solids should work. Any guidance would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks :)

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Re: weaning and the schedule

Inlägg av TorsMamma » ons 23 jan 2019, 23:03

Hello and welcome back! :D

So he is now 6 months and as you say should have 4 solid meals. If you breastfeed we usually suggest you do it straight after the food as a top off. If you give the bottle you can if you wish to do the same. The whole solids with after chasing the bottle all within 30-40 min.

Don't forget to re-read the book 2-3 times before doing the cure and if you wish we can support you with a good schedule and more, just let us know.
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